Issues to consider before using aerosol pesticide bombs for pest control

Fleabusters speaks to people every week who say they have been trying to get rid of fleas in their house
by using flea bombs to kill fleas, to no avail.   Some people claim they have enjoyed great success using flea bombs to kill fleas in the past, saying the bombs worked great and that they “used them all the time.”
 That’s a somewhat humorous statement becauseif they were, indeed, using flea bombs with regularity then it might be taken as a sign that the flea bombs were not actually working much beyond killing the immediate adult fleas while leaving the rest of the home infested with the other 3 stages of the flea life cycle..That’s the beauty with Fleabusters.  One treatment does the trick and keeps on working to get rid of fleas in the home, guaranteed for one year.

But for fantasy sake, let’s say there were an aerosol flea bomb on the market that would penetrate all 4 stages of the flea life cycle and reliably get rid of fleas in a house.  Would the use of such a method be worthwhile?  Many people grow so frustrated with trying to get rid of fleas in their homes before they find Fleabusters that they become willing to try anything, regardless of the pesticides being used inside the home.

Fleabusters has never been a big fan of any kind of pesticide bomb inside the home, if only because of the pesticide contamination  – clothes, bedding, pillows, furniture, toys, dishes…you name it and an aerosol will contaminate it.  Now think about how often children and pets will be putting their hands, mouth and feet in contact with those items.

Pretty scary, isn’t it?

This is where Fleabusters takes a huge lead over any competition.  Our product doesn’t work chemically, and is actually less toxic than table salt.  Fleabusters works by desication, or physically drying up the flea life cycle.  The borate-derivative active ingredient also has a neutral p.h.of 7.0, making it even safer than regular Boric Acid, with much smaller particles.

Most boric acids you would buy at the hardware store will be about the texture of laundry detergent, The course granules remain visible in your carpet until being vacuumed up..  Also, as the name implies, boric acid is acidic.  Our product is not an acid, has a neutral ph, and is guaranteed not to harm your carpets or any other surfaces.  The microscopic statically charged particles will be invisible after application, adhering to carpet fibers to resist vacuuming in order to kill the ENTIRE flea infestation and continue working to prevent new flea infestations in the future.

 Liquid Pesticide Broadcast Spray Applications to Carpeting

In order for a broadcast spray to be effective at getting rid of fleas in a home, virtually the entire surface of the carpeting needs to be sprayed.  Aside from the obvious contamination of the carpeting that takes place, there is also residual contamination of the rest of the home.  Today’s spray pesticides are almost all water-based, which of course means that they evaporate.  That’s not quite as much of an issue outside in the yard where wind currents, rain, and UV light will not allow for very long-term residuals, but what happens to the pesticide residue in your home that goes airborne with the water that evaporates?  You guessed it.  Same thing that happens with the pesticide in aerosol bombs – it winds up being absorbed by anything fibrous, which will always be a concern where children and pets are concerned, not to mention your own health.
      Take the natural approach to flea control in your home.