Treating yards for fleas with a professional application is beneficial to the pet, but the majority of flea problems are brought under control by focusing on the inside of the home first.  More information on Fleabusters Pestex outside flea control service is available by calling our offices.  A brief conversation with our customers is necesary before any recommendation to treat the inside of the home for fleas, treat the yard for fleas, or both.
Philosophy of a Successful Flea Treatment Program.
A total flea eradication program would include treatment for the pet, home, yard, and control of the flea life cycle.  Each situation is different, with some homes requiring all of the above components, while others are controlled sufficiently by taking a selective approach.  A Fleabusters flea control expert can help you and family develop a flea treatment program that works for your family.

Removal of fleas from the pet alone is futile; immature fleas (eggs, larvae, pupae) develop off the pet and new adults simply jump on, causing subsequent reinfestation. New and safe products are available that can be used as part of a reduced chemical control program. There are also ways of making the environment less suitable for flea development, which is the premise behind Rx for Fleas – the carpets in your home are rendered uninhabitable to fleas.